Let’s create a password
manager app together

Let’s make its code
open source

Let’s share
the process of building it

Passpill project

The project

We will be developing an online tool
to store your passwords securely and privately.

But it’s not about the app,
this is an educational project,
the important part is the process of building it.

The experience of creating the tool
will be documented extensively creating much more than a web application.

Can you give a hand?
There are many ways of helping.
Discover how you can be part of it.


The objectives

Create an useful app
Build a functional application, easy to use, where people can keep their passwords safely.
OpenSource everything
All the code generated will be available for anyone, to inspect, to improve, or even to install in their own servers.
Write about it
Fine articles - written with - will poblate
the PassPill blog.
Javascript, project management, business development or server infrastructure will be some of the topics you’ll find there.
Share knowledge
The PassPill Project is an opportunity to learn and collaborate for everybody. It’s open to ideas, criticism and improvements.

Passpill app values

The best encryption algorithms will make protect your data. away from strangers’ hands.
Data encryption and decryption will happen in your browser using the key that you only know. We won’t be able to access. You don’t even need to give your email address.
The encryption algorithms are public and the app code is opensource. You don’t need to trust us, you can actually check how it works.
Free forever
PassPill is the result of an educational project, that’s why it’s free and always will be. But if like the project, you can support it at Patreon and get some goodies!

Take a ...


... and never forget
a password again

Go to the app


PassPill project is a one person’s idea, a way of enjoying building an app through sharing the development process. However it’s a lot of work! Every bit of help is much appreciated and there are many ways of collaborating.


About the author

My name is Javier Márquez and
I am a software engineer
that has been using and creating opensource tools for years.

I’ve always liked to write about software development but there has always been more important things to do.

With the Passpill Project I am trying to turn my priorities upside down: The important part is writing articles!

You can know more about my reasons to create all of this by reading the project introduction article.

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